• Robotic spray painting systems
  • Manual spray painting systems
  • Paint finish advice
  • Project research & development
  • Packaging solutions
Customer Related Processes
  • Quotations
  • Customer focus
  • Monitoring & measurement reports (if required)
Team Skills
  • Qualified Robot operators
  • Qualified spray painters
  • Team leaders
  • Trades assistants
  • Programmers
  • Project managers
  • Office administration
Test Devices:
  • X-Rite MA 68: Instrument used to measure colour
  • X-Rite Spectrophotometer: Instrument used to measure Gloss Levels
  • RHO Point Gloss Meter: Instrument used to measure Gloss Levels
  • Quanix UM Meter: Instrument used to measure paint thickness
  • Microgloss 60: Instrument used to measure Gloss @ 60 degrees
  • VeriVide Light Box: Instrument used to visually inspect colour variations
  • Novo Curve Glossmeter: Used to measure gloss on Small Curved, Flat surfaces
  • Thermoline Water Bath: Used to water soak various painted parts
  • Raytek Thermometer: Used to test the water bath & other temperatures
  • Microlight 150: Microscope used to detect substrate and paint flaws. Independent testing arranged if required.
Colour Matching

D&M have thousands of colours its customers can choose from.  Customers are invited to bring a color sample and select a ready to go colour. Please note that on occasions a PMS Colour you have selected may not look exactly like one of our standard colours.  This can be due to variations on a given PMS chart, a different gloss level and the like. If you require a “special” colour match we can formulate, but this service will attract a charge as it can be lengthy process of trial and error.

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